Be free.

We help you grow faster!

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with NO LOCK-IN forever!

Partner with us

60% base revenue share (can grow to 110%)

We enable Revenue Visibility for everyone (full transparency)

No lock-in forever (can leave anytime)

Direct with YouTube

We are not a subnetwork under some other network, we signed the Google contract directly

No lock-in forever

Come or go anytime, you decide when (just give us 30 days notice)


We enable revenue visibility in your YouTube channel and nothing is hidden

Revenue share

Start at 60% of YouTube's 100% net and grow from there (i.e. it is not 60% of 80% or some other silliness)

No minimum payout

If you earn $1, we pay you $1


You own your channel and content, and we are your technology partner

Content ID

We can find all copies of your original content anywhere on YouTube and monetize or takedown the matches (if you are a musician, this means we can monetize all copies of your music anywhere on YouTube!)


See for the music you may use as our partner!

Record labels

Many record labels signed with us, and we negotiated access to professional music for you!

No withholding tax

You earn 100% of everything you make. There are no tax forms to fill out from Freedom!, and no withholding tax. Simple.

We sponsor networks

Tell us your business plan and why you want to be a network. If accepted, we are your technology partner but you make all the decisions.

What is Freedom!?


View requirements:

33 views a day (1,000 per month), but honestly, the only real requirement is no copyright content

Content requirements:

Anything! Gaming, music, vlog, beauty, and so on

Meet one of our partners: the beautiful K.A. Antonio, a professional musician.

See her unique music video on YouTube

Become a Network

Step 1:

Watch this video on YouTube

Step 2:

Submit your business plan
(The link is below the video in Step 1)