60% base revenue share (can grow to 95%)

We enable Revenue Visibility for everyone (full transparency)

No lock-in forever (can leave anytime)

Revenue share

Start at 60% of YouTube's 100% net and grow from there (i.e. it is not 60% of 80% or some other silliness)

No minimum payout

If you earn $1, we pay you $1


You own your channel and content, and we are your technology partner

Content ID

We'll make sure that your original content will be taken care of by monetizing or taking down any copies on YouTube.


See www.tunes.tm for the music you may use as our partner!

Record labels

Many record labels signed with us, and we negotiated access to professional music for you!

No withholding tax

You earn 100% of everything you make. This means we pay you 100% of everything you earn - nothing is withheld. Simple.


View requirements:

33 views a day (1,000 per month), but honestly, the only real requirement is no copyright content

Content requirements:

Anything! Gaming, music, vlog, beauty, and so on