Freedom! India

Freedom is a chance to be better--grow and expand on YouTube.


is a YouTube network providing Digital Rights Management to its partners. 


No lock-in forever

Come or go anytime! Whenever you want!



We enable revenue visibility in your YouTube channel and nothing is hidden!


Revenue Share

You start at 60% of YouTube's 100% and can grow (i.e. it is not 60% of 80% or some other silliness).


No minimum payout

If you earn $1, we pay you $1!



You own your channel and content, and we are your technology partner!


Content ID

We can find all copies of your original content anywhere on YouTube and monetize or takedown the matches (if you are a musician, this means we can monetize all copies of your music anywhere on YouTube!)


Audio only

We have two CMS’s, one for music and one for non-music. The music CMS lets us match just the audio in a video and we can claim very specific rights for your music across YouTube!


Record labels

Many record labels signed with us, and we negotiated access to professional music for you!



No withholding tax

You earn 100% of everything you make. There are no tax forms to fill out from Freedom!, and no withholding tax. Simple.


So what do you actually earn then per 1,000 views? We don't not place a set $2 or $3 cap on your earnings the way other networks do. 

Payments are issued at the end of each month on a 2 month delay. This means that all of your earnings from January will be sent to you via PayPal by the end of March, February earnings sent in April, etc. You will always be e-mailed a full report that shows you your earnings before the payment is sent out so you know exactly what to expect in your account by the end of each month.

Support for Artists

We provide our musical partners with the right platforms so they can get their music heard. Get your tracks on iTunes, Spotify & more completely free of costs to you!

Royalty-free Music Library

Freedom partners get access to a huge library of royalty-free, monetisable music to make their videos even more unique.